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Clint Eastwood fans will see ‘compassionate side’ of star in new wildlife doc ‘Why On Earth’: director

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Clint Eastwood is set to appear in conservationist filmmaker Katie Cleary’s new wildlife documentary "Why On Earth," and she recently shared how he ended up on the project and what it was like working with him.

The new documentary will focus on nature, wild animals and the relationship between humans, animals and plant life. "We're showing what's happening to elephants, rhinos in Africa, the palm oil epidemic in Indonesia and Borneo and Sumatra, and how it's affecting the orangutans," Cleary told Fox New Digital. "Really, the connection between humans and animals and in our natural environment and in trying to spread compassion and awareness about these issues before it's too late before we lose a lot of these species." Katie Cleary promises viewers this documentary will show a softer side of Clint Eastwood people haven't seen. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images) Eastwood, legend of the western film genre, is narrating the documentary, and Cleary says they bonded over their shared love of animals.

She promised audiences will see a new side of him they haven’t seen before. "Yeah, he's hosting it. He takes us through the whole process.

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