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Casey Bloys Addresses HBO/Max Reorg, “Extremely Painful” Layoff Decisions In Memo

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At the end of a day that saw about 70 (14%) staffers in his divisions getting laid off, Casey Bloys, Chief Content Officer for HBO & HBO Max, just sent an email to his team about the cuts as well as his new (old) senior HBO/Max scripted executive team of Amy Gravitt, Francesca Orsi and Sarah Aubrey which includes new responsibilities for Gravitt and Aubrey.In the memo (read it in full below), Bl;oys lays out the responsibilities for his top executives on the scripted and documentary side who are staying on and also highlights the accomplishments of the top executives who are leaving as a result of the layoffs, Jennifer O’Connell, Jennifer Kim; Michael Quigley and Linda Lowy.“Although I am confident these structural changes will allow us to sustain a thriving business model, these decisions have been extremely painful to make,” Bloys wrote. “We operate in an environment where we must adapt in real-time to industry and company exigencies.

None of this lessens the blow of parting ways with such talented, trusted, hardworking, and celebrated teammates.”Here is his email:Team,First, I want to thank and acknowledge all of you for the unparalleled, incredible work you’ve done across all of our programming efforts.

This team has achieved successes over an unprecedented stretch of challenges—from 140 Emmy nominations across our brand to the recent coverage celebrating HBO Max as one of the best streaming services in the market.

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