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BBC's Victoria Valentine slams Scott Mills’ Children In Need fundraiser ‘tunnel of pain’

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“This man is a machine - just a few hours left on that treadmill for Scott's incredible challenge.“24 hours straight... well nearly there… He's in pain, he's tired & emotional but he's also committed!!”Reacting to the post, Victoria tweeted: "Oh man.

Poor guy. Actually feeling a little ashamed to be inadvertently watching a public spectacle of one man's tunnel of pain."Is it not a little… 2015?

When reality tv meant humiliation & ridicule was de rigueur?“I hear 'all for a good cause' but are we not kinder now?"However, Victoria’s stance sparked debate among other social media users, who responded to her tweet sharing their own views on the subject.Justatic1 said: “If he was forced to do this, make a complaint/contact the police/mount a rescue operation.“If he did this willingly, perhaps stop patronising him & treating him as though he’s being held hostage.“How about congratulating him for his determination & success?

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