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BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood hits back at ‘awful’ Naga Munchetty after brutal swipe at weather report

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BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood was forced to retaliate after Naga Munchetty took a brutal swipe at her. The meteorologist hit back at her colleague Naga as she did the weather segment on Thursday morning - and it made for hilarious viewing.

Naga wanted to know if the weather expert was willing to think about changing her foggy background on the screen. As Carol appeared on the screen to discuss the day's weather forecast, Naga said: "No Carol, it's getting more and more foggy the more we speak to you. "I do think, though, you should think about the special effects and think about knocking them forward a bit that might make it look even better." Finding her comment funny, Carol replied: "Do you think so, Naga?" Well, I think it's lovely as it is." Naga then quipped: "I was talking about bringing it in front of you and the camera,” before Carol hit back, saying: "Oh, you are awful, but I like you." Carol has become a firm favourite among BBC viewers and has been part of some hilarious moments on the award-winning breakfast show.

In 2020, the former Strictly Come Dancing star faced the wrath of her bosses as she made a hilarious slip up. The seasoned weather presenter had been excitedly gushing over the warm weather when she jumbled her words.

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