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Banish black mould with woman's 'natural' cleaning hack using household item

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Winter is a time when chilly temperatures can dampen homes, making them a haven for mould. While the problem is common among thousands of British households, the spores produce irritants and can spark allergic reactions like coughing, red eyes, wheezing, sneezing and even asthma attacks in sufferers.The fungus can appear on walls in the home where condensation appears, which is caused when warm moist air makes contact with cold surfaces.

While preventing dampness is the best way to keep mould at bay, there is still the question of how to get rid of the dark fuzzy spots on walls.There are countless sprays on the market which claim to combat the problem, but they can be costly and laden with chemicals.

Luckily, one cleaning enthusiast has shared how to "naturally remove black mould" using a common household ingredient - white vinegar.

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