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'Assassin bug' forces disgusted woman to move out after spotting dust at home

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home after spotting a bizarre "assassin bug" disguised as dust.She uploaded a video of the creature - which looks like a ball of belly button fluff - to TikTok where it has been viewed over 9.5million times.She captioned it "i'm moving out" and wrote in the video itself: "When you find this creature in your office.

What is this. I thought it was a piece of dust."READ MORE: Poisonous snakes on UK beaches set to terrify British sunseekers this summerThe clip shows the insect scuttling across her desk in a disgusting fashion.Reacting in the comments section, one person said: "I would’ve passed out."Another wrote: "NAW I CANT EVEN TRUST DUST NOW???""This genuinely would’ve been my last straw," said a third.A fourth person revealed what the creature was.

They wrote in the comments section: "It’s called reduvius personatus and it’s a kind of assassin bug that camouflages itself with dust."Reduvius personatus is better known as a "masked hunter" and does exactly what the TikTok user said.Using their dusty disguises the insects hunt small arthropods including woodlice, lacewings, earwigs, termites and bed bugs (hence their other nickname - 'bed bug hunters').Although they don't feed on humans, masked hunters can produce an extremely painful bite in self-defence when mishandled.

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