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Alfredo Morelos in Rangers vs Celtic derby sweat as Colombia recall beckons for rejuvenated striker

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Rangers ave been put on Old Firm red alert with Colombia boss Reinaldo Rueda considering handing Player of the Month Alfredo Morelos an international recall that would see him miss the Parkhead showdown against Celtic next month.

Morelos has been revitalised by the arrival of new Ibrox boss Giovanni van Bronckhorst and has scored four goals in his last five matches earning him the cinch Premiership Player of the Month for December.

The 25-year-old has been previously cast into the international wilderness by Rueda, who appeared not to rate him after he was almost ignored during the Copa America summer tournament.Morelos played just nine minutes of Colombia's seven games in the Brazil tournament and hasn't been seen since in subsequent World Cup qualifiers.Colombia even picked nine strikers in their squad ahead of him for their November qualifiers against Brazil and Paraguay.They face a crucial double-header against Peru on January 28th and Argentina on February 1 - just hours before the second Old Firm clash of the season in Glasgow.

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